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Staffordshire County Council Opportunities

There are hundreds of different voluntary opportunities offered by the county council.
SCClogocolour-1.jpg Hundreds of people help to provide local services by contributing their skills and time in everything from conservation to helping young offenders in their rehabilitation. You can find out more about these opportunities with the County Council here. 

Civic and Public Appointments

We also need people to fill civic and public appointments.  These are roles which do not need particularly skills and experience but offer a sense of civic responsibility. A public appointment is 'an appointment to the board of a public body or to a government committee.'  They are roles which help to shape our society and include School Governors, Magistrates and Special Constables.  You can find out a lot more about these roles here.

Specialist Skills

Do you have specialist skills which might be of benefit to the many organisations across Staffordshire looking for help? There are many roles available for people like you who can bring particular expertise. The skills include marketing and communications, accountancy and book keeping, HR, ICT, event management and administration.

Marketing and Communications

Excellent marketing and communication skills are needed in all organisations, often more so in the voluntary sector where resources are limited.  Therefore if you have marketing or communication skills and experience then there are a number of opportunities to help and volunteer.  It could be that you already work in a paid marketing role or have qualifications.  Whatever your level of knowledge and experience there is an opportunity for you!


Voluntary and charitable organisations operate in a difficult and challenging financial environment.  Therefore it is essential for them to make the most of their money and to access funding streams where possible.  The financial strategy will be different depending on the size of the organisation but the fundamental needs will be the same, to maximise the income for the benefit of the organisation.


Do you have experience of fundraising?  Organisations across Staffordshire need fundraisers.  This could be in the form of street collecting, online, door to door or at events.  It could also be helping to complete grant application forms.


Many of us have ICT skills but in varying degrees of expertise.  You might have skills in various software packages such as Microsoft Office, SAGE.  You might have programming skills or you may have website skills.  Maybe you work in IT already or use ICT in your everyday job and think that you might be able to use those skills to volunteer and help others.

Events Management

Do you have experience of working on events?  It could be that you work in a marketing/PR function and have experience of organising or running an event.  Perhaps it is an area you have an interest in.  Events in the voluntary sector could mean a variety of opportunities from manning a stall in a market, having a stand at an exhibition or being at a local activity.


Administration skills are widely in demand across the voluntary sector. There are a wide range of duties and skills including organsing reports and files, letter writing, answering telephones, dealing with enquiries and many others.

You can also find out about opportunities in your area by visiting the Do It website or by getting in touch with your local volunteering support service.